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7 Step Building Process


1.  The first step starts with a phone call to Excel Building Solutions.  In that first phone call we will carefully review the details of your project to answer any questions you might have and to make sure your project is a good fit for our company.  At the conclusion of our conversation we will set up an appointment to meet at the project site so that we can review the proposal in greater detail and begin to create an accurate estimate.

2.  At the project site we will walk through the proposal and take detailed notes and measurements.  We will review each detail with the client to make sure we both fully understand the scope of work to be performed.  When we are both comfortable that we have covered everything to be done, Excel Building Solutions will begin to create an estimate.  At this point it is sometimes necessary to have a second meeting to bring architects, engineers, or specialty sub-contractors to review the details of the project at the job site. Once all the necessary information has been gathered Excel Building Solutions can begin to create an accurate written estimate.

3.  Excel Building Solutions will create a written estimate in three to five business days.  The estimate will be a detailed line item estimate that will include all the work to be done and the materials purchased.  The clients are asked to review the estimate line by line to make sure they are comfortable with the scope of work and to make sure they don't have any questions or concerns.

4.  Once the client is happy with the details of the estimate we will schedule another on site meeting to walk through the estimate with the client line by line.  This is to make sure everyone is comfortable with the scope of work to be performed and to clarify any last minute questions.

5.  Once a contract is signed a scheduled start and completion date will be assigned.  This is also an excel time to pre-order long lead time materials and fixtures so that we will have them when they are needed.

6.  Once the project starts Excel Building Solutions will continue to stay on your project until it is completed.  We will have a morning meeting with the project supervisor to answer any questions and to inform the client of the days schedule.  We also like to have a weekly review to go over the projects progression and to answer any further questions.

7.  At the completion of the larger project we will schedule a cleaning service to come in and clean the entire house so that your home is returned to you spotless. We will do a walk through with the clients to make sure they are happy with the quality of workmanship and  schedule a 6 month post remodeling inspection to make sure there are no follow up issues. 

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